Datacenter Facilities

A datacenter facility (comprised of computers, web servers, application servers, database servers, switches, routers, load balancers, wire cages, vaults, racks, & related equipment) is a critical part in a business operation for this is where a company’s important digital data & information are stored, managed, processed, and exchanged.

We understand the huge concern for secured datacenter facility, thus we take great pains to meet client requirements and international industry standards and recommendations to ensure our datacenter facilities can manage the hurdles of security breach and other physical challenges.

Our datacenter services include:

  • Assessment
  • Consolidation
  • Efficiency services
  • Virtualization
  • Optimization
  • Hardware/Software installation & maintenance
  • Power distribution management
  • Backup power systems
  • Data backup and archiving
  • Load balancing management
  • Controlled Internet access
  • E-mail and messaging management
  • User authentication & authorization management
  • Technical support


Effective structured cabling systems facilitate efficient workflow in the workplace, without interruptions and network downtime associated with enterprise restructuring.

Hence, we understand IT network infrastructure can make the difference between business success and failure. Our advanced structured cabling products and solution provide flexibility and power to handle mission-critical, bandwidth issues, and emerging applications.

We design, build, and maintain structure cabling infrastructures that support multiple voice, data, video, security and multimedia systems.

Converge Network

Converge Network involves IP Telephony, IPTV Systems, Video Conferencing, Digital Media Signage, Master Clock, Wireless Network Communication, and Network Security.

IP Telephony

Our skilled and qualified number of engineers has deep knowledge and experience in multi-vendor technologies (i.e. Cisco, Junifer, HP, Aruba, Polycom, etc.) to establish a wide range of IP solutions that include network infrastructure information system security, unified communications, video conferencing, IPTV systems, IP video surveillance, among other things.

IPTV Systems

We empower businesses through advanced IPTV solutions that allow them to deliver real-time, on-demand, and recorded video over their IP networks using LANs and WANs.

Our IPTV solutions enable businesses to easily add authorized users while maintaining broadcast-quality recorded video, reducing redundant hardware expenditures, and lowering operating expenses so businesses can fully reap the benefits of organizational IPTV system that lead to improved productivity or enhanced customer experience.

Wireless Network Communication

We know wireless technology can be the best approach to resolve physical challenge on distance when it comes to communication system. Our wireless network communication system offers innovative network infrastructure solutions that can enable businesses to deliver ultra-high speed connectivity (indoor and outdoor coverage) between distributed sites and centralized points.

Network Security

Network Security Solutions can enable organizations to operate or conduct business over secured Internet and over private local network. We provide a total information security system that complies with IT industry standards and observes a high degree of confidentiality based on the organization’s structure and objective.

Digital Media Signage System

Our Digital Media Signage (DMS) is the answer to organizations that are searching for a way to promote their products & services in a building facility. DMS enables display of relevant information concerning certain events, directions, or even welcoming message so people are guided accordingly, and staff organizers and members may focus on pure customer service.

Digital Media Signage is ideal in such settings as hospitals, airports, schools, libraries, museums, hotels, restaurants, commercial complex, supermarkets, industrial sites, etc.

Video Conferencing

Real-time communication is essential to a successful business operation these days that is why we have a comprehensive range of communication systems and solutions for all types of business or organization (i.e. medicine, education, finance, justice, broadcasting, trading, or corporation).

Our video conferencing solution offers multi-users who can view multimedia content on the same screen or on split screen format. A smart tracking camera enables our video conferencing solution to blend a combination of voice-directional detection, face & moving object recognition to enhance video conference experience. Also, we use High Definition video to provide high resolution images and accurate colors while all parties are on video conference.

Master Clock System

We provide precision clock system that provides timing signals to synchronize slave clocks in the workplace as part of a clock network. This time-keeping system is controlled by an accurate quartz crystal oscillator usually referenced to an external frequency standard such as MSF, which is part of a worldwide timekeeping system.

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